Results of the workshop

Our first creatures workshop was an opportunity to work with Tim to integrate Pure Data into our Python runtime, written in Pyglet. 


This small movie gives an overview of the underlying creatures engine. What's important here is not how it looks, but how all the pieces fit together. We now have a bare-bones visual framework and editor, an animation system, and a link to the underlying sound system. 

Normally, we all work separately and periodically show each other the results of our work. While an approach like that works great, sometimes nothing beats some face time, especially when integrating separate components into one coherent whole. Workshops are an ideal opportunity to share ideas. Furthermore, they force you to think about the interfaces between all the components: which messages are the creatures sending to the sound engine? How does PD communicate back to the creatures and how to they react on that?

We're very happy with how this workshop turned out and hope  to do more in the future.

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